Arctic Animals Week

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Orca Whales & Iceberg Watercolors

This is a great project to teach kids about "cool colors" and some basic watercolor techniques.  First, have the kids draw a "water line."  Then have them draw their arctic scene using a thin Sharpie (if desired, they can start the sketch with a pencil).  Using only "cool" colors, have them fill in color using watercolors.  Kids can experiment using "wet on wet" technique to create the watery effect.   


Collage a Walrus

We started out with this great lavender colored construction paper.  Next, have the kids find scraps of paper to cut into desired shapes.  It is easiest to start with the larger pieces and layer in the smaller elements.  Finally, add any additional decorations using markers and Crayola Construction Paper Crayons. 

Draw a Polar Bear

This project also teaches kids about "cool" colors as well as perspective.  First, have kids sketch out the water.  Next, have them add in the polar bear's head and the icebergs behind.  The animal's head is much larger than surrounding icebergs to give an illusion of space.  Finally, add in patterned snow in the background.  Kids will then add color using a mix of markers and crayons.  Encourage kids to only use "cool" colors like purples, blues and greens to create the cold environment. 

Paint with "puffy" snow paint 

We created a "puffy" paint by mixing equal part glue to shaving cream.  First, have kids paint the snow on the ground and in the air.  Next, kids can create an animal using cut paper and glue.  "Paint" will dry puffy to create a snow-like texture.

Arctic Animal Sculpture

We love Crayola Model Magic in the studio.  It is a great medium to introduce the little guys to 3D art and color mixing.  This whale is a easy shape for kids to make.  We made this lavender color by mixing red, blue and white.  Kids will roll the clay into an egg-like shape then begin to pinch out the tail and nose.  Next, they add the fins.  Finally, add in any details with a Sharpie and wiggle eyes.  Model Magic clay will air dry when left out overnight.  Or, if kids want to continue playing, it can be smushed back into an air tight container.

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