Figure Drawing Week

Figure Drawing Week

Figure within a Figure 

This is a fun one.  Kids can grab a pencil and draw a figure over and over again.  Once the figures are drawn kids can outline the figures with a Sharpie, then fill in all of the different sections with different color and patterns using markers, crayons and colored pencils.  Makes for a fun effect! 

Cut Your Friend's Silhouette

We have always been memorized by Clay Rice.  In like 30 seconds, he is able to look at your child's silhouette and cut it out perfectly.  No pencil, no pen, just scissors.  We thought it would be fun to try the same thing.  This is a two person project.  We prompt the kids to look at their buddy, sibling or parent and try to cut the silhouette.  It's hard, but give it a try!!

Paint Gestural Figures

We've set up a wooden armature.  If you live near an IKEA, they sell a wooden armature for $5.99. Well worth the drive!

This project prompts kids to paint figures using only circular shapes.  The kids can move the legs and arms of the armature and paint the figure in so many different ways.   

Self Portrait Station

Do you all remember when you learned that your eyes were in the middle of your head?  We remember it being around 7th grade.  We thought we'd try and expose kids a little earlier.  Here is our attempt at doing a step-by-step face drawing.  Let us know what you think!

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