Happy New Years!

Happy New Year!

We are ringing in 2017 with lots of fun wearable New Years Eve crafts.  All of the crafts culminate in a "photo booth."

We've got sparkly New Years hats....

Sparkly wish wands.  We've got...

Noisemakers.  We had tons of leftover bells and craft sticks from the past few weeks.  We decided use them to make New Years Eve noisemakers!  We simply tied the bells on the craft still with a little yarn.  (They make a prettier sound if they aren't hot glued!)  And, of course, you need a little glitz for New Years, so we stuck the end of the craft stick in some glitter and glue!  

Bow ties.  These are obviously no Mo's Bows, BUT we've got a fun "bow tie" making station.  We have provided a bow tie template for the younger kids to use.  We then cut a toilet paper roll into four separate rolls narrow rolls to secure on the back of the bow tie.  Since there is no actual knot, this helps bump the bow tie out a bit.  Then we tied a piece of yarn through the tube to secure the bow tie.  It works perfectly if you have on some sort of collared shirt.  If not, you've got a fun bow tie choker :).  

More party hats.  No earth-shattering new craft here, but have y'all tried Crayola's new glitter pens?  We are loving them!

2017 glasses. 

If you are in Memphis this week, come on in to the studio!  If you aren't in Memphis, hopefully these crafts help inspire some fun ideas to get your kiddos ready for New Years!

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