Katherine & Anna's Art Project Holiday Gift Guide!

Below are Anna & Katherine's personal picks for top gifts from The Art Project.  They've been tested by thousands of kids at the studio, but more importantly their own kids. In Memphis, items are available for purchase in the studio. Outside of Memphis, follow the links to purchase.

1. Model Magic

Our kids love Crayola Model Magic.  Especially Anna's 5 year old!  It is non-toxic, air dry clay that comes in resealable tubs.  Kids can keep the clay in the air-tight container to play with over and over again or if they make a masterpiece, it will air dry in about 24-48 hours.  

2. Mess Free Glitter

Glitter and the mess it creates was part of the inspiration for The Art Project.  When you can't make it to the studio but your child wants to make a sparkly creation, these are great products to have at home!

Crayola Glitter Glue
Crayola Glitter Markers
Crayola Washable Glitter Paints


3. Squigz

The company calls these toys "fun little suckers."  They really are.  They stick to windows, tables, floors, high chairs, and more with use of mess-free suction.  We love them for car trips and restaurant play.  They also come in a jumbo size for babies that rattles and makes a great teether!

Squigz, Original Size
Squigz, Mini Size
Pipsquigz, for babies


4. Magnatiles

Magnatiles are an Art Project favorite.  Anna's 3 year old and Katherine's 1 year old are both getting a set of these for Christmas!  They are fun to build with, use on the refrigerator, or explore color mixing!

5. Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are a great way to have paint at home without water, messy brushes or wet paint!  They are brightly colored tempera paints in a stick that dries in 90 seconds!  Comes in basic colors as well as neons & metallics!


6. Spin Art

Spin Art provides endless hours of fun.  We love Alex brand because it is hand powered so no batteries are required.  And it is super sturdy.  We've tested a few brands out at The Art Project and Alex is the one that has held up over the past 18 months to being used daily by tons and tons of kids.  This set comes with 4 bottles of refillable paint and a stack of pre-cut 4" x 4" paper.   For mess-free fun at home, try spin art with markers or crayons!

*If you purchase spin art from us and run out of the square paper, just ask us for extra next time you're in the studio!


7. For Adults!

We love coloring books by local artist's Jenean Morrison & Sarah Baumann. You can purchase in studio. They make a great gift paired with Crayola's Fine Line Markers (Katherine's favorite) or Colored Pencils.  

Memphis Coloring Book
Jenean Morrison Coloring Book


8. Gift Certificates

Membership gift certificates are a gift that last the whole year.  We also sell gift certificates for classes and Art Free Play.  

Click here to purchase a gift certificate online, or you can stop in or give us a call!

Be sure to check out our full schedule of winter classes for kids and adults here.


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