Holiday Projects!


This week we are kicking off two weeks of holiday projects.  Here are a couple of fun examples from this week! 

Collage An Elf And Trees

Collaging is such a good use for all of the little scraps of paper laying around.  It also makes for such fun artwork!  This week we are inviting kids to collage an elf and/or trees!

Penguins Wearing Sweaters

This project was inspired by our amazing studio windows, painted by artists and Art Project staffers Grace Porter & Devin Culpepper. Follow our step-by-step how to draw a penguin guide.  Next create a fun patterned sweater for your penguin.

Paper Garland

Sometimes we find projects on the internet that we just can't pass up.  This week, we chose to make fun holiday light garland inspired by a version we saw on Subbornly Crafty blog.  Their blog provides a great tutorial to make your own at home!  We'll have all the paper and materials pre-cut and ready to go during Art Free Play this week.

Draw a Winter Scene

Use a variety of drawing materials such as pencils, markers and crayons to create a fun wintery scene.  We provide lots of examples on the tables.

Pictures From Our Holiday Workshops

We've had a fun week of holiday workshops, including wrapping paper printing, ornament making, wooden gingerbread houses and a Christmas themed birthday party!  Below are some pictures.  We have more Woodworking Gingerbread House Workshops coming up next week.  Check our class schedule for times & to sign up!

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