The Art Project's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!


Anna and Katherine spend a lot of time pouring over new products to use and sell in the studio. We have our tried and true favorites. (See Anna and Katherine’s Holiday Gift Guide.) Here are a few of our new finds at various price points that we are in love with for this holiday season. If you are in Memphis, we sell all in the studio. If you aren’t in Memphis, follow our links to order the gifts. Hopefully this Gift Guide is helpful!

Magnatiles Qubix

These are brand new from the makers of Magnatiles. We added Magnatile Qubix to our studio in September, and kids LOVE them. The set comes with cubes, prisms and more fun 3D shapes that allow for open ended play. They are magnetic and compatible with original Magnatiles (which are still one of our favorites!).


Magnatile House Set

Another brand new product from Magnatiles! Magnatiles House. Kids can design/build their own magnet house. Perfect for playing with dolls or action figures. This set comes with all the pieces they would need to make a house - magnetic tiles, stairs, doors and reusable stickers.


Plus Plus Blocks

If your child likes Legos, then they’ll love Plus Plus blocks. They have a simple shape for building 2D and 3D shapes and will keep your kids busy. We’ve heard some customers describe these as their kids’ “restaurant toy.” They come in fun pastel and neon colors. And new this year, we have lots of other Plus Plus sets such as this robot set and this dinosaur set! Have a child younger than 3? Try the larger sized Plus Plus set!



Joinks are one of our tried and true favorites! We always have these available in our studio. Kids love using them on windows, tables or just sticking them together. Joinks are a building set that uses wooden dowels with flexible silicon pieces to connect. Suction cups come in the set to allow kids to build off of the windows. We’ve had these in the studio for a few years now and they’re always a hit!



Most of our kids and customers know and love our Sands Alive kinetic sand table. Floof is very similar but less messy. We’ve started getting requests for it to be put out during birthday parties! We like to describe it as a cross between play-doh and sand. It is a great for winter play because it looks and feels like snow!


Buddha Boards

Buddha boards are a great mess-free gift for babies all the way up to adults! These have been in our studio since the day we opened. We’ve probably sold more of these than anything! Simply fill the base with regular water and paint on the board. Once the water dries, the painting disappears. It is a great way for little guys to paint mess free at home and a great way for adults to relax and unwind. They also come in a miniature size that is great for travel. The mini size also comes in lots of different colors!

Buddha Board.jpg


Cubebots are a fun toy that is a puzzle, a toy and an action figure all in one. It is made from eco friendly wood tied together with elastic string. The blocks move to create dozens of different poses. The Cubebots come in three different sizes and make a great stocking stuffer!


Squigz 2.0 and Squigz Tubes

Squigz have also always been in our studio and on our retail shelves. We talk them up to everyone. They are perfect toys for quiet playtime, bath time, travel time, dinner time, etc. This year we have two NEW styles of squigz. Squigz 2.0 and Squigz Tubes. They are compatible with the original version as well!

Squigz 2.0.jpg

Twistable Crayons & Colored Pencils

We love Crayola Twistable Crayons and Twistable Colored Pencils in the studio. Twistable Crayons come in such fun and bright colors. Plus, they have a version that has crayons that have a few colors all in the same crayon. Our kids call them “crazy crayons.” The Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils are great because no pencil sharpener is needed. Both of these work for travel and dinners out with kids because you don’t end up with broken crayon pieces at the bottom of your bag!


Gift Certificates

Do you have kids who don’t need any more stuff? A membership to the Art Project is a gift that keeps on giving all year long. We also sell gift certificates for Art Free Play sessions. Buy online here or call us at 425-3434.

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