Dr. Seuss Themed Crafts!

Dr. Seuss books provide so much humor, imagination and creativity! All of these crafts were inspired by some Dr. Seuss classics!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

This book is so fun to read with kids.  We thought it would be fun for kids to come up with their own silly fish or silly pet.  We were given a giant roll of recycled pool covering - it is like bubble wrap that cannot be popped.  This project seemed like a great time to use it.  Kids first sketch out their fish or animal on the bubble wrap.  Next, they cut it out and arrange it on a piece of paper with other collaged elements around it.  Finally, kids paint the bubble wrap and add any additional details using felt, feathers, markers, wiggle eyes, etc.

The Lorax

This book is full of so many bright colors so we decided to break out the neon paints by Crayola and the liquid watercolors.  We use Dick Blick brand liquid watercolors because they are super bright, non toxic and more washable than some of the other brands we've tried.  First, kids will draw in the trunks of the "Trufula Trees" using oil pastels.  Next, they paint in the background using liquid watercolors.  The watercolors resist the oil pastel lines.  Finally, we created our own "Trufula Tree" paintbrushes with straws, hot glue and puff balls.  Kids dip these "trees" into bright neon paint and create the tops of their "Trufula Trees."

Green Eggs and Ham

We always like to try and include projects for the youngest of artists.  After seeing lots of plastic Easter eggs in the grocery store last week, we thought it would be fun to simply have kids paint with green eggs!  We cut out cooked egg shaped paper and taped it down to the inside of a tray.  We squirted some green fingerpaint in a tray, threw the eggs in and let kids roll them around.  Kids ended up just moving them around with their hands.  This is one of those projects where it is more about the process than the end product! We love fingerpaint by Crayola - it is SUPER washable and non-toxic!

The Cat In The Hat

This book is my 18 month old son's favorite.  He especially likes the fish!  There are SO many Cat In The Hat projects out on the internet.  We were afraid kids have already done many of them in their school classrooms.  So, we thought it would be fun to keep it simple and just do some step-by-step drawing instructions for the main characters.  Kids can then color them in and collage them on construction paper.  

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