Carnival Week!

In honor of this week's Delta Fair we decided to do a Carnival Week theme!  

Trapeze Paper Dolls

This activity is simple, yet really fun.  Kids can create their own paper doll acrobat.  We have a template kids can trace, or they are welcome to make their own person.  After the acrobat is decorated, he/she will be glued to a craft stick.  Finally, tie a string so the trapeze artist can by hung. 

Circus Silhouettes

We love making our own stencils.  One of our artists on staff, Grace Porter, is a master with an X-Acto swivel blade.  She made some fun stencils for kids to use.  We thought it would be fun to make circus stripes as the background and do a solid silhouette on top.  Kids can either make their own stripe paper or use recycled wallpaper we had on hand.  These look great as a series!

Collage-A-Clown Station

We couldn't resist doing a collage station for kids to create their own funny clowns.  We have a basket of various types of paper including construction paper, scrapbook paper & recycled paintings.  We'll also have markers out for kids to make their own patterns.  The 3D clown hair is formed by taking tiny strips of thin, long construction paper & folding it like an accordion.  


Kids are provided with a template of a clown who fits perfectly inside of a piece of 12" x 18" construction paper cut in half lengthwise & rolled up in a wheel (we used a glue stick to adhere the wheel).  Kids can get creative by giving their acrobat a personality.  Fold down the hands & feet to stick him/her inside the wheel using a glue stick.  Kids can then have fun rolling their acrobat around!

Collage an animal!

We partnered with the Delta Fair to giveaway free tickets.  We ran a contest to see who had the best craft idea to add to our week.  The winner sent us a cute Lion craft using a paper plate.  We put an Art Project spin on it by using a child's unwanted/unclaimed painting to create the lion's mane.  And of course, we had to add wiggle eyes!

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