Zoo Animals!

We are so excited!  This week we are bringing two groups of kids to the Memphis Zoo to sketch animals!  This inspired us to do an animals week.  We had so many fun projects we had trouble choosing our favorites.

Collage A Peacock

We cut regular 9" x 12" paper in half lengthwise. Kids first cut out the shape of the peacock head & glued it down.  To create the feathers, we used recycled paintings cut into circular shapes (we use a circle puncher).  The circles are then cut in half & glued down.  We added the finishing touches with colored pencils & wiggle eyes.

Watercolor Zebra

This week we're letting kids use our fancy adult brushes, and the brushes made all the difference in this project.  First, kids sketch out the shape of their zebra head (or whatever animal they want to do).  Next, they fill in the pattern lines using watercolor and let the animal patterns define the outline.  Finally, the pencil lines are erased.  Makes for some beautiful animals!

3-D Paper Turtle

We provided a turtle template for kids to trace.  They cut along the slit & decorated the turtle using Sharpies & crayons.  Finally, they created a dome shape with the paper, securing with a glue stick.  

Roaring Animal

We cut 12" x 18" paper lengthwise (to create 6" x 18" strips of paper).  Fold them in half & then in half again.  Draw the animal with his/her mouth closed.  Next, unfold your paper & draw with the mouth open.  Have fun playing!

Patterned Snake

First, draw out the snake patterns using crayons.  Second, apply paint to bubble wrap & stamp on the paper.  Next, cut a spiral shape to create the snake.  Put the finishing touches on the snake with a construction paper tongue & a wiggle eye.  Kids have loved this!!

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