Shimmery Gold Medals

We are prepping for Olympic Week in the studio (which runs the week of August 16th).  In honor of the Opening Ceremonies tonight, we thought we'd share a how-to on our Shimmery Gold Medals!  

As most of you know, we love glitter in this studio, but just gluing glitter to cut-out circles didn't seem to have the shiny effect we wanted for our olympic gold medals.  We scoured the Internet for twists on shimmery effects.  We didn't find one that worked perfectly for the materials we have in the studio, so we squished a few of the ideas together and came up with this easy recipe.  


Karo Syrup, Gold Liquid Watercolor, Lots of Gold Glitter

How to:  

We started with 1 teaspoon of Karo, then added desired amount of the watercolor (didn't take much), and added lots and lots of glitter.  We grabbed an old paint brush and simply brushed it on a round piece of cardboard.   The "paint" is sticky while going on, but dried super smooth.  Took about 15 minutes to dry.