Elvis Week!


This week is Elvis Week at The Art Project!  Here are a few of the projects we have in the studio. 

Elvis Paper Dolls

We love paper dolls at The Art Project!  See previous blog post.  

Elvis had so many fun outfits we had to do Elvis paper dolls!  We cut out tracing templates of Elvis himself, pants, jackets, shoes, and capes.  Then we used glitter, gold shimmery fabric & paper to create his clothes.  We also made his Vegas cape using felt & sequins. The cape then hooks right on to his back, so kids get a full 360 Elvis!  

Elvis Stencil

We wanted kids to create fun Elvis Pop Art piece by using a stencil & just one paint color on fun paper.  First, our master at the swivel exacto knife, Grace, cut out this amazing stencil.  We laminated the stencil.  Then we tried a few painting techniques to get the best Elvis.  (Our first few tries looked a little more Bob Dylan-ish.)  We found it worked best by using a foam brush (little cheap black brushes from Home Depot).  To do, just put paint on a tray, dip the foam brush in the paint and brush on top of the stencil.  

Elvis Silhouettes

We thought these were fun and evoked Elvis-type motion!  

We drew a fun pattern in the background using a mix of crayons & markers.  Then drew the shape of an Elvis silhouette.  Cut out the silhouette & glue on top of your pattern. 


Storytime & a Craft

For this week's Storytime, we are reading 10 Little Elvi by Laura J. Henson & Duffy Grooms.  We'll follow the story with a fun Elvis thumbprint activity!

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