Paper Dolls!

We love paper dolls at The Art Project.  We use them a lot.  We've done them with paper, fabric, and even done themes - like super heroes and Grizzlies!


This week we used paper dolls to highlight the amazing colorful fashion at the Kentucky Derby - specifically seer sucker and floral patterns.  The kids loved it!

Here is how we did it.

1. Make your own seer sucker pattern: 

Using a small brush & watercolor paints, paint your seersucker pattern.  Next, crumble up the painted paper in a ball then uncrumple it.  You're left with a seersucker effect on the paper. 

2. Make your own floral pattern using watercolor and oil pastels:

Use oil pastels to draw a floral pattern.  Next, paint on top with watercolors to fill in the background.  The oil pastel lines will resist the watercolor.  This creates a fun effect and ensures you are left with no white on the paper. 

3. Then draw and cut out templates for the paper dolls, clothes, hair, shoes, hats, etc.

4. Then let the kids use the templates and the patterns they made to create their own derby ready paper doll!


Anna BlairComment