Splatter Paint

Adding Splatter Paint

Recently, we had local Memphis speed paint artist Adam Exelbierd in the studio.  At the end of his demonstration, he stuck his hand in a paint bucket, got a decent amount, and threw it on his canvas.  He said "the splatter helps give motion and depth to the painting."  He then walked the kids through their own speed painting and splatter:

We thought "a-ha" that's why we keep adding splatter paint to our kids' projects.  Not only is it fun, it adds a lot of motion to the paintings.  Here are a few ways we've done it in the studio:


Spray Bottle & Toothbrush:

This painting was created by using kids fingers to create the flowers & stems.  Next, we added washable paint to a spray bottle & mixed it with a little water.  The paint was then sprayed across the paper.  To add additional dimensions, we used a toothbrush!  Simply, dip a toothbrush in paint and rub your finger over the bristles sending paint flying across your paper.

Kids gardening picture with "dirt"


And the always favorite Jackson Pollack.

This Pollack-esque painting includes splatter from over 200 kids.

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