Space Themed Art Projects For Kids!

Learn to draw!

We have step-by-step drawings of astronauts & rockets for kids to create their own space scene!

Constellation Collage

We have a fun star shaped paper puncher & used it to punch out pretty patterned paper.  Most of the paper we used is recycled or unwanted kids artwork (we have TONS of it on hand).  Kids first glue down the stars then connect them together using crayons or oil pastels.  

Collage an Alien!

Cut shapes out of construction paper and glue them down using glue sticks. Start with the larger elements and layer in the smaller pieces. Add any additional details using oil pastels or Construction Paper Crayons

Spin Art Planets

Who doesn't love spin art?  Here is our twist on it!

We like using crayons with it as a fun alternative to paint.  It is cleaner and easier to do at home. For these "Spin Art Planets", we used Crayola Twistable Fun Effects Crayons because of the fun neon colors.  After the kids finish with their spin art, they can then simply cut out their designs and turn them into planets. Our favorite spin art machine is by Alex because it requires no batteries, is easy to operate, easy to clean and is durable. We’ve had several brands break in the studio, but our Alex machines are going strong after hundreds and hundreds of uses!


Constellation String Art

This is a fun use of different materials.  The first step is to draw pencil dots as a pattern for your constellation.  Next, punch holes where the dots are.  Finally, thread a plastic needle with yarn and connect the dots creating a constellation. 

Planet Thumbprints

This is a fun add on to our regular thumbprint station.  Simply stamp your finger into the ink & press onto the paper.  Use a thin Sharpie to add any details to the planets.  *TIP: If you can't find good stamp ink colors, just use a washable marker & color directly on your finger. Our favorite stamp pad is by Melissa & Doug because it truly is washable!

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