Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids!

We love Thanksgiving - food, family, fall colors! We are excited this week’s projects! Let us know what you think about this year’s Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids.

(Thanksgiving window decoration by Local Artists Devin Culpepper and Grace Porter!)

Step-By-Step Turkey Drawings

We wanted to do a few different step-by-step turkey drawings.  These are always fun for kids of all ages!

Collage Corn

We always have tons of left over scraps of paper.  We used a small circle puncher and paper of different shades of brown, orange and yellow to create this beautiful piece of corn!

Thanksgiving Printmaking

Kids love printing!  For the patterns in the background, we cut out small piece of foam paper and taped to a piece of cardboard.  We then used a foam brush to paint the foam and print on construction paper. Next, we used piece of scratch foam paper and etched a turkey in with a wooden stylus. We then brushed a different color paint on it as well and printed on top of the patterns.  We think turned out fun!

Thanksgiving Fingerprint Art

Printing Turkey Feet

This is a fun process based activity that is great for the little kids ages 5 and under. We used pipe-cleaners to form little turkey feet.  The “feet” were then dipped in paint and printed on paper. 

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