Summer Bugs & Blooms Week!

Summer Bugs & Blooms Week!

The summer growing season is approaching an end, which means there are lots of blooming flowers & lots of pesky bugs.  This inspired our projects for the week.  We have bee printmaking, painting with okra, chalk pastel fireflies, watercolor resist butterflies and more!

Here are some of the highlights:

Bumblebee Printmaking

Mixed Media Garden

DIY Scratchboard Paper

Scratchboard paper is the perfect medium to explore the fun patterns of summer bugs (like dragonflies and butterflies).  Kids love etching their designs into scratch paper, but it does get expensive.  There are several ways to make scratchboard paper at home,  We find that this method the best:

Okra Printed Hydrangeas

This project came about by us having an over-abundance of okra in our garden and coming up with other ways to use it besides eating it.  Simply dip cut okra in paint & stamp it repeatedly to create the blooms.  Use crayons to fill in the entire background - draw foliage, leaves, bugs, etc.  We love Crayola's Construction Paper Crayons!  (and sell them in our retail section for $2.49).

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