We have a fun week of Halloween projects this week!  We've got pumpkin painting, bat/monster origami, mummy dolls, monster, witch paper dolls, burlap scarecrows, yarn garland and more!  Here are some of the highlights: 

Burlap Scarecrow

Kids use an embroidery hoop to embroider the scarecrow's mouth and nose using yarn.  Next, they find fabric to use for the eyes.  Older kids can use embroidery floss to applique the eyes on.  Younger kids can just use glue.  We finished the scarecrow with some wiggly eyes.  The final step is to add some stuffing and a backing for the doll.  Older kids can stitch the scarecrow closed.  Younger kids can glue it shut.  


Patterned Pumpkins

This project was inspired by the patterned pumpkins of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Kids sketch the pumpkins using a Sharpie.  Next, they fill in patterns using oil pastels & Crayola Construction Paper Crayons.  We're encouraging kids to fill in patterns on each of the pumpkins, the table and the background.  Last, they use watercolors to fill in color on the entire paper.  We like to encourage kids to leave no white on their paper.  The watercolors will resist the Sharpie, crayon & oil pastel lines. 

Recycled Marker Monsters

As you can imagine, we go through lots and lots of markers in the studio.  Once a marker dries out, we usually make watercolors with the tips.  This leaves us with lots of marker caps.  We're always looking for fun ways to create with them.  For this project, we wrapped marker caps in yarn and decorated them using wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and construction paper. 

Tissue Paper Monsters

We make lots of tissue paper flowers in the studio.  For this week, we decided to turn them into fun monsters by decorating them with construction paper and glue.  See below for a tutorial.

Witch Paper Dolls

Anna and I both remember making chain paper dolls when we were kids.  We thought this would be a fun decoration for Halloween!  Kids can use our witch template, or come up with their own shape.  See below for a simple tutorial.

Halloween Garland!

We took a basic yarn puffy ball and turned it into a fun Halloween decoration.  Below is a how to guide for making yarn balls.  This is a great skill for older kids to learn, as they can be turned in to all sorts of fun projects.   

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